We deliver value to our customers through three separate channels.


We are the UK’s largest retail supplier of herbs and spices, with over one-third of the market. We pack upwards of 120 million units annually and continue to be the first for innovation in both packaging and new products. As well as working with all major retailers on private label, we also produce and sell our own retailer brands.

Our retail brands: The Creative Cook, Gordons, Millstone.

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The foodservice division handles wholesale and bulk sales through our own brands and private-label ranges – ensuring that our herbs, spices, seasoning blends, condiments, sauces and cooking pastes feature in commercial kitchens across the country.

Our foodservice brands: Millstone Herbs and Spices, Eastern Star Curry Powder and Gordons.



We work closely with customers to ensure that our products are indispensable and the most appropriate ingredients for their needs. The breadth of our product range ensures we can also provide tailored solutions.

We have two brands unique to this sector: Optimax and Dryfix.