Our Products

Our unrivalled knowledge of herbs and spices is the core of what we do, and what drives our passion for innovation.

Bringing flavour to life

New flavours, new combinations, new ways of bringing flavour to life. To your life. Because in almost every UK kitchen cupboard there’s at least one flavour ingredient that’s the product of our expertise.

We have two manufacturing plants, one for our ‘wet’ range and one for ‘dry’. Between them we have the capacity to pack formats ranging from small glass jars for retail outlets to one tonne bulk containers used by food manufacturers.

Wet range

Wet Range

The creation of traditional condiments, table sauces, ingredient pastes, herb and spice pastes and top-quality ketchups.

Dry range

Dry Range

Our dry range comprises over a hundred blended curry powders, seasonings, meal accompaniments and stuffings.



With raw materials imported from all over the world, it is vital that our processing systems are modern, efficient and robust.



We deliver value to our customers through three separate channels; Retail, Foodservice and Ingredients.