Who We Are

We are the leading private label herbs and spices manufacturers in the UK, we started off as a small importer of spices but have grown into a major force in flavours.

Bringing food to life

With a heritage dating back more than 300 years, we combine our in-depth category knowledge with the best of current technologies, market insights and supply chain security.

More than 90% of UK households have at least one product in their kitchen cupboards attributable to the condiments and sauces we develop.

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Expertise and Knowledge

Our specialist production sites allow us to pack a variety of formats, ranging from the small glass jars on supermarket shelves to one-tonne bulk containers used by premium food manufacturers - with the same commitment to quality, flavour, food safety and customer service.

Our customers include practically every major UK retail and wholesale foodservice companies, as well as many of Europe’s major food manufacturers.

Which means that you’ll find our products everywhere from restaurants and supermarkets to your own kitchen cupboards at home.

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